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Colorspectrum Kft. was founded in 1990.

We wish to provide system-centred solutions for our customers capable of delivering a full-spectrum service structure to companies and institutions as a whole and to meet their office technology needs. Besides Konica Minolta, Xerox and Samsung multi-function devices, which constitute our principal product profile, operating diverse brands of printers, as well as diverse computer technology devices and computer technology systems account for an increasingly important part of our business. We provide a full-range of parts, supplies, and on-site service for all the devices we distribute.

In 2004 we added the Primon print monitoring and print control software to our company’s product portfolio. The idea for creating Primon arose in conjunction with Colorspectrum Kft.’s office technology profile. The goal of developing this software was that it helps in setting up and maintaining the operation of a cost-effective print management system. In short, our company not only offers diverse office technology devices to its customers, but can also find solutions for operating them at optimal cost.

Our Service Support Unit was also set up in 1990. We have developed a service support structure for our partners, which, besides its favourable cost factors also satisfies a broad range of usage expectations. Originally designed for photocopiers, we have expanded our maintenance systems in line with the expansion of our product range and customer needs to cover other office technology product groups, including the printers and faxes distributed by us.

Given our experience of expertise, we handle network connection and service support for colour and digital photocopiers and printers seamlessly.

Our company only distributes and uses original factory parts and supplies in its service support operations, as we believe only this can guarantee the long-term flawless operation of devices entrusted to us.

In 1995 we established a national service support network to ensure our presence in all of Hungary’s counties. Our aim was to provide a uniform quality of service regardless of geographical location.

In January 1999 we certified our quality assurance system in line with the MSZ EN ISO 9001 standard, which means that the quality of our work in every work phase is documented, tracked — even on an individual basis — and monitored.

Our company’s advertising communication spotlights attendance of national sports events. As well as supporting athletic achievement, it is also designed to highlight our business’s dynamism and flexibility. 

We believe our accomplishments to date are a testimony to our belief that the way to outshine our competitors is to develop personal customer relations, provide reliable service, and to fully gear our services towards our partners’ needs.


Colorspectrum Kft.
Cím: 1131 Budapest, Dolmány u. 26.
Tel.: (+36) 1 303-9009
Fax: (+36) 1 210-1482
E-mail: info@colorspectrum.hu
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